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Method for Cleaning a Printhead Wiper with Vibration Assisted Agitation Disclosure Number: IPCOM000248134D
Publication Date: 2016-Oct-28
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Cleaning a Printhead Wiper with Vibration Assisted Agitation

Authors: S. Fitzsimons, C. Tadiello, W. Manchester, V. Pane

Date: 10/28/16

Disclosed is a device for cleaning a wiper by applying an oscillatory motion to the wiper to help agitate and remove ink and other build up from the wiper in an automated system.

  A vibration motor is attached somewhere on the printhead wiper mechanism (Figure
1). The vibration motor can either be pulsed or held on continuously to impart energy onto and remove wiper ink buildup. Without a mechanism that directly contacts the wiper, no foreign contaminates are introduced and maintenance is kept to a minimum. Due to the availability and cost effectiveness of vibration motors, this design is inexpensive and easily replaced.

  Figure 1: A vibration motor (blue) attached to a printhead wiper mechanism (grey) using a fastener (red) used for wiper cleaning.

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  To improve design effectiveness, it can be used in conjunction with other cleaning mechanisms. A hydrated sponge can be automatically pressed to the wiper over the course of the vibration pattern (Figure 2). The sponge, or other cleaning mechanism, functions to focus the vibration energy on the operational portion of the wiper. The fluid and sponge also act as a pathway for ink flow by drawing the ink away from the wiper and into the sponge (other designs may channel the ink elsewhere).

  Figure 2: The vibration assisted printhead wiper cleaning mechanism used in conjunction...