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An Automated Color Data Analysis System for X-Rite i1iSis Spectrophotometer Disclosure Number: IPCOM000248135D
Publication Date: 2016-Oct-28
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An Automated Color Data Analysis System for a Spectrophotometer

Authors: J. Lin, W. Kailey, L. Ernst

Date: 10/28/16

Disclosed is a system that generates color charts and feeds the color specimens automatically into the spectrophotometer utilizing a new data processing and mapping method to deal with the software tool's compatibility issues, unusual test files and manual labor concerns. This automated color data analysis system as shown in Figure 1 can

1. work with multiple commercial spectrophotometers such as X-Rite i1iSis*.

2. automatically generate charts for standard calibration types or for user-defined lists of colors or for standard colors, e.g. PANTONE** colors

3. feed and measure multipage charts automatically in any order

4. provide color data average information by combining multiple files, and performing a spatial average on a single file to achieve spatial sampling diversity with minimal effort

5. save labor and eliminate metadata format, chart scan order, and correct metadata-to-chart correspondence as sources of error

Figure 1. Design workflow

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Figure 2. Data processing and analysis

In Figure 2, the system generates color charts of the types requested by the user including specific color if required. The system generates the charts automatically from information which completely describes the user's request algorithmically. When the user starts the tool, the system asks the user for the purpose of generating this reference file. There...