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Method and System for Migrating Speech to Data Channels as a function of Service Requirements Disclosure Number: IPCOM000248139D
Publication Date: 2016-Nov-01
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A method and system is disclosed for migrating to data channels from voice (speech) as a function of service requirements.

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Method and System for Migrating Speech to Data Channels as a function of Service Requirements

Compressing speech data in mobile devices has its shortcomings in spite of the flexibility and portability options a mobile device offers as opposed to computers.

Typically, compressed audio signal remains adequately intelligible in standard communication areas with adequate cell network while in communication areas with compromised cell network, where the audio requires transcribing through speech recognition, the compressed audio signal undergoes intense degradation for high quality transcription.

Also, audio calls can break off in cases of spotty cell network. In such scenarios, the broken calls can be recovered to reconstitute the audio signal for end users not listening to the message in real time.

Disclosed is a method and system for migrating speech to data channels as a function of service requirements.

Considering digitizing of all audio before it is transmitted followed by converting to audio for the user is challenging during realtime conversations, the data transmitted is heard

with intermittent gaps rendering an unsmooth call. Therefore, using voicemail for digitizing information in order for data to be converted back to audio when end user does not require real time access, in the present system will enable fulfillment of service requirements.

Also, voice transmitted over low bit rate devices, will experience lower accuracy rate

when transcribed via speech...