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Method to develop an Enterprise cloud adoption strategy and actionable schedule for large enterprises Disclosure Number: IPCOM000248149D
Publication Date: 2016-Nov-02
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Method to develop an enterprise cloud adoption strategy and actionable schedule for large organizations

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Method to develop an Enterprise cloud adoption strategy and actionable schedule for large enterprises


Enterprise cloud adoption is a complex multi-year program. Usually it has been
observed that there are significant delays in the modernization programs due
to the various factors such as but not limited to cloud platform readiness,
availability of the application owners to participate in the said program and
their willingness to migrate through re-architecture of their applications
into cloud. Application teams cannot give modernization program a high
priority as they are responsible for supporting their applications along with
the maintenance and up-coming release management. Due to other priorities, the
modernization program gets impacted by schedule and cost. If the said program
is executed without a proper plan, it causes severe financial damage to both
customer as well as service provider(s).

There are several standard solutions to the modernization program which
follows delivery phases such as but not limited to Discovery, Plan & Analysis,
Design and Implementation. While these phases are essential, a traditional
cloud adoption model undergoes several deviations which demand a significant
improvement and a frequent change to the plan. It often gets stalled by the
external factors such as Infrastructure readiness, Network design, security &
legal compliance etc.

Our solution takes an agile approach to the cloud modernization program. It is
an analytics driven outcome based model, focusing on implementation. The
output of this solution is the formation of a transformation roadmap with a
migration schedule for the entire application landscape in day one of the
engagement. The said roadmap gets enhanced over a period of time with a
continuous data feed through out the engagement.

Our solution provides a strategic and actionable outcome, avoiding a schedule
delay using 4A factors.

Keywords: Cloud Strategy, Migration Rules, Cloud Migration, Cloud Adoption,
Cloud Automation, Cloud Modernization, Top-down vs Bottom-up, Cloud Analytics,
Cloud Analysis, Cloud Fitment, Method, Modernization factors, Method adoption.


In this paper, we start with an introduction of the 4A factors to get a
strategic & actionable outcome for cloud adoption strategy.


- Asset standardization , early assessment of capacity requirements
for pending demand

- Minimize dependency on diminishing expert personnel

- Consistent on-demand turnaround on demand from business

Access to Information

- Extend visibility of application, resources and work dependencies

- Immediate discovery of changes and their impact on schedule and


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- Consistent and comprehensive situational dashboards


- Leverage all information available in the early stage and refine
later to avoid waiting period

- Configurable Risk Models - "what drives your decisions?"

- Actionable results shared among teams for timely corrections

Agile methodology

- It...