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System and method for email based performance tracking system Disclosure Number: IPCOM000248154D
Publication Date: 2016-Nov-02
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An Email based solution to identify employee goals, track progress and compute performance score based on evidence in emails

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System and method for email based performance tracking system

Disclosed is a system that automatically identify an organization employee's goals for a specific time period, track their progress and compute performance score for that time period.

Differences from Prior Work : ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Current work concentrate on extracting information from email to reduce employee workload but does not help in tracking employee performance against tasks and generating a performance score at the end of the task period.

The solution is a five step process

Ontology to understand Organization structure


Track Business goals related emails


Track identified tasks specific results emails


Computer Performance score based on goals and results


Support querying on top to learn reasons for scoring


1. Ontology to understand Organization structure: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Extend existing ontologies for email or use Subject Matter Experts(SME's) to generate ontology for organization structure, dependent attributes for performance scoring.

2. Track Business goals related emails: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    •Leverage Standard Data mining techniques to learn the pattern of importance in emails

  •Leverage Standard machine learning algorithms to classify emails into business/non-business

  •Leverage any Standard NLP procedures identify sentences that discuss about goals, performance etc.

  •Further resolve, track tasks specific to individual (goal mi...