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Apps to be prompted for updates based on the features being used Disclosure Number: IPCOM000248156D
Publication Date: 2016-Nov-02
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Smart phones and tabs brings with it an era of apps. Now almost every bank, organization has its own app and promotes users to download and use the app. People even feel it user friendly as there is no need to open a browser for accessing their website. To enable new features, bug fixes and or network threats, organizations send regular updates to the apps. But many of the present in our smart devices we rarely or never use. As an app update takes space and network download, here an intelligent mechanism is required in the phones to monitor the usage of the apps and accordingly suggest for their updates not only for the apps but also for the functionalities being used in that app.

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Apps to be prompted for updates based on the features being used
Limitation with the current solutions for app updates :
Currently all the apps are prompted for update wherein user has to choose which ones to update. And the update happens for all the functionalities irrespective of the the user using it or not. This is a manual process wherein user gets confused at times seeing the list of applications. And sometimes lands up updating unnecessary pieces which takes his network and space.

Core Idea:

Monitoring the usage of the apps and their functionalities and then prompting the updates of the apps based on their usage pattern.

The advantages of this approach are :

Apps to be monitored for their usage.

Individual functionalities to be monitored for their usage pattern within the app.

Prompt for updates only for the functionalities being used by those apps, rather the complete app. Less space required for update as only the relevant pieces are being updated.

Less network being used, as the complete update does not need to happen.

Novelty Pieces:

Apps and their respective functionalities being monitored for usage. Based on which prompt for updates of the respective functionalities being used, rather than the complete app.

Detailed Implementation Steps :

All smart devices to have a system which tracks the applications present on it.

They also track the usage of the apps and then based on the usage prompt the users of updating those apps.

An app has multiple functional areas.

The usage of an individual app can also be tracked based on the functionalities being used by them...