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Method to enhance presentation of self to better results in meeting places Disclosure Number: IPCOM000248157D
Publication Date: 2016-Nov-02
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Disclosed is a method that allows users to enhance presentation of self for better results at meeting places.

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Method to enhance presentation of self to better results in meeting places

Everybody likes to be presentable and be liked by the people around them. People may go wrong in several ways when trying to achieve this as they do not know the preferences of the people around us. Which fragrances do they like the most, what color is their favorite, who is their favorite author etc. It is very critical in today's world to be adept with the likes and dislikes of the people around you. This is for many reasons like, improving one's personal relationships, making a good impression at workplace, getting newly met people to have confidence in oneself etc. It is rightly said that first impression is the last impression. So, to make sure, one can make the best and a lasting impression on someone, it is essential to have all their preferences at hand, before meeting them.

Let's take another example, somebody is going in a business meeting and wears the cloths/perfume that is not liked by many people in the meeting room. It may not be a good first impression and person may loose the deal. If person knows what exactly to wear/perfume to apply, it can help him in making a good first impression. Also, when somebody meets people , person need to be aware about cultural preferences, tone person like while talking to that person, Gestures that are culturally acceptable etc. All these are really important aspects that are difficult to find details about. What user can do is : One could look up their profiles on social networking sites and find a fixed amount of data, which is insufficient. When person goes for an interview at that time also preferences of interviewer can also help to prepare better if interviewers are known.

There is no mechanism available that provides user with advertisements depending on all these preferences i.e. gift suggestions, or recommending items that they don't have based on people they are meeting etc.

Disclosed system proposes to get preferences of people around you, to understand their likes and dislikes, cultural customs and gestures. Based on this information, one will always get to know the person better and take care of his preferences. For e.g. Different people like different spoken style, like slow with gentle tone. Confident while speaking. Give example while speaking etc. Various Gestures can also be considered. Different culture follows different gesture. So software can guide user about that Another example , for a business meeting in a client place, the proposed software will identify preferred dresses, shoes, perfumes etc. and then software can show advertisement to the user if he does not have those.

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