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System and Method to identify and track conference attendees Disclosure Number: IPCOM000248160D
Publication Date: 2016-Nov-02
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At a scheduled teleconference it’s often very important to make sure that at least one person of a team attend the call. As of today during a teleconference call each participant joins the call with a passcode shared by the chairperson hosting the tele conference. It's not convenient to know who is attending and from which team the participant is associated with. The proposed system and method would release and track participation in a teleconference by assigning unique passcode for each team.

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System and Method to identify and track conference attendees

The proposed concept improves productivity and reduces confusion as there is no requirement  for roll call to know  which teams are attending/joined during conference as system automatically tracks the attendees  and teams. 

The main element(s) of the idea are: 

Conferencing Server Conferencing Client User Registration DB Group Registration Database Group & User mapping DB Meeting Conferencing Client Conferencing Status/Store DB Group & Passcode mapping DB User &  Passcode mapping DB

Details described  in the following charts: 


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Steps executed while creating/sending meeting invite.

I. Chairperson opens the meeting  invite

II. Clicks on the Team invitee button to select the meeting team invites 

A. Team invite button prompts for Team to be invited ( e.g. Platform, DBA  etc.)

B. On clicking the button in background  the system queries  Group Registration Database to fetch  list of Team group from the database table 

III. Chairperson expands  the  Team Group  twistee ( present in front of team group)  to  select which  level of support is required to be invited ( for example L1,L2,L3 ETC) 

A. Expanding the twistee the system queries the  Group Registration Database to fetch the level of  support options ( for example L1,L2,L3 ETC) for various teams

B. On selection of level of support the system queries Group & User mapping DB to fetch the list of  members of that group

C. Chairperson also defined Min & Max number of participants for the  group

IV. Once invite group are selected as described above  following steps are executed by the system

A. System fills the invite list ( generally referred as To in meeting invite document) with members  of the group selected above in step 3.2

B. System also fills up in hidden field the Group Passcode  which is fetched from  Group &   Passcode mapping   DB

C. System also fills up in hidden field the user  Passcode  which is fetched from  User  &  Passcode  mapping   DB

D. System generates a Meeting ID

E. System generates  a unique passcode for each invite which is combination of  Meeting ID, Group  Passcode & invite passcode 

V. Chairperson clicks on send button to send the meeting invite to participants. Following steps are  executed by the system as listed below

A. The system connects to the Conferencing Status/Store  DB and saves the meeting details which  include meeting id, ind...