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System and method to recognize, analyse and action a smart phone conversation Disclosure Number: IPCOM000248174D
Publication Date: 2016-Nov-04
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The system described in this publication shows a mechanism to intelligently identify, understand and action a smart phone conversation in either voice or text.

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System and method to recognize , analyse and action a smart phone conversation

The current reminder creation processing systems in smartphones in today's world is very reactive and not very usable. The smart phone user has to either invoke a voice assistant explicitly and create tasks and todo lists in a mechanical fashion or use a manually maintain a todo list. This approach is counter productive since user has to interact with the device which is an overhead especially when the need for a reminder or a todo comes from a phone conversation the user had on the device itself. With the technology and processing power available in phones, apps and cloud today this problem can be solved in a cognitive way. The solution described identifies the components and method to automatically analyse, classify and process a mobile conversation and take necessary action.

In a conventional voice assistive mechanism in mobile devices, the user inputs his speech to create a pre-defined task and the device interprets the speech word to word and does the task.

For example, someone calls up the user and a social or a business conversation starts. At some point in the call the caller invites the callee to a venue at a specified time.

One of the conversation being
Caller - "Why don't you drop in to my place this sunday, we can catch up!"

Callee - "Oh, thank you on the invite, I will definitely visit, probably will also get a copy of my latest book".

After hanging up the call, the callee will create a reminder on his phone to visit the caller on the coming sunday either manually creating a calendar reminder or using the voice assistive technology.

In the solution described here, a series of processes described later running on the device interprets the conversation and automatica...