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An intelligent express delivery notification system Disclosure Number: IPCOM000248217D
Publication Date: 2016-Nov-10
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Our invention is building an intelligent delivery system,which enable delivery courier using ONE-KEY-CONTACT to deliver the package into customer, while customer receive call with the information of the express,both with an online and offline mode(for server and client),so that customer could get a more friendly service while also with their private information be protected.

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An intelligent express delivery notification system

We are shopping online a lot, however, there are considerable drawbacks in current shopping system, eg, when we fill the purchase order, we often need expose our private contact. also sometimes, when we get a call from a delivery couriers, we can't tell them out of other cold calls.

In our invention we use a single point control to deliver the package to customer, while customer could receive call in online and offline mode, and will get a more friendly service. Please see the below scenarios for more details

1.First scenario is as below, the send side(from the delivery courier) and receive side(the customer) both have a network connection:
The delivery courier use an app, which store(or pre-load) a list of the package information, which saved and downloaded from a confidential DB, Then the delivery courier act a simple click on the list, an command issued and all the process could be finished automatically.


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In the receive side(customer), there will be an extra area in the incoming call UI, which show the information of this call, including what it coming from, and what the express is or any more detail information which could be customised.


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While there is no network for both side, the click on the list will trigger a SMS(short message) to the customer,and in customer side, the SMS will trigger the a ringtone to remind him the information of the express.


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Making calls...