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Smart layout for mutilple tabs Disclosure Number: IPCOM000248218D
Publication Date: 2016-Nov-10

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This disclosure provides a method and system to organize the layout of mutiple windows efficiently and smartly. It's common for user to work in multiple tasks with opening dozens of windows or worksheet, named as tab here .Some of them(inactive) have been not used for a long time since they were opened, while others(active) are visited frequently but have been flooded in a crowed of tabs.It's inconvenient for user to pick up his/her desired ones from plenty of tabs.The common method is that user needs to find the targeted tab one by one, either by hovering over the tab to display the tag name or clicking each tabs until the desired one shown up.In addition, the infrequently used tabs(inactive tabs) being opened still occupy system resource such as memory and CPU time, that are meaningless.