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An intelligent method to locate the file or directory

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000248226D
Publication Date: 2016-Nov-10
Document File: 3 page(s) / 67K

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This disclosure proposes a method to locate a directory or file intelligent based on the context. Now whent the user tried to locate one file or directory from the local file system, the operating system will jump to the directory which has been accessed recently. This disclosure is proposing a method to predict the directory by analyzing the context of the user.

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An intelligent method to locate the file or directory


•In the typical computer, the files and directory are organized as a structure of tree

•When create or access one file or directory, the user needs to browser the tree to load the file or directory they need -When the system is large, it does take time and need good memory to do this

•Let's look at this example (which should be familiar by every IDT member)
-After your disclosure has been done with "Search" and the IP lawyer send the search results to you by mail -They IP lawyer expects you to analyze the search results and send your analysis to them
-It is a real case, we can see how inefficient the current system is
-This invention proposing a method to solve this problem

Summary of Invention

•There must be some reason or context for you to locate some directory or file on your computer

-You are trying to download some file from web or server
-You are trying to write some mail and want to attach some file
•The reason or the context in fact includes some useful information which can help the system understand or GUESS where you wantto locate

-For example, the name of the file you are trying to download
-Or the subject of the mail you are trying to reply
•So rely on the information retrieved from the context, the system can intelligent do some pre-location for you to save your time and improve your user experience


Smart and Efficient: The system can predict where the user wants to g...