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Training duration calculator Disclosure Number: IPCOM000248227D
Publication Date: 2016-Nov-10
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When planning the duration of a training session for the first time, if the duration cannot be designed accurately, it will lead to either less effective training (no efficient time)or extra cost to deliver the training (too much time). Training facilitators could using a designed combination of LEAN 6 SIGMA methods to contain an algorithm to calculate an accurate training duration. Thus can improve the satisfaction of training participants, and optimize the resource for training provider. (e.g. new designed training session, new product training...etc)

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Training duration calculator

Step 1: Using SIPOC and 5W tool to break down the training plan into individual task, then find out what are the variables and parameters which may impact the training duration.

* variables: training tasks duration could be vary due to class size, number of training modules…etc.
* parameters: training tasks which contain fixed durations
EXAMPLE: (duration planning for an server new product training)

Step 2: Using DOE to verify the impact of the variables

* Leave distinct variables in the formula
* Take out the variable if the impact is dumb


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Step 3: Finalize the formula, include the value for the variables and obtain the result


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SIPOC: Supplier, Input, Process, Output, Customer
5W: what, why, when, where, who
DOE:design of experiments
C&C: Clean and Claim, this is a quality control procedure at the end of the production to clean up the server surface and inspect the cosmetic of the product


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