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A Mechanism for recommending get-together venue Disclosure Number: IPCOM000248230D
Publication Date: 2016-Nov-10
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This mechanism helps event organizers to find out the best venue at the best convenience of participants. Ususally, as the orgaizer of an event, one needs to consider so many things such as the date and time, the venue which suits everyone, and even cuisine flavors to make the event successful. This mechanism is designed to solve these problems. Only a rough time period for the planned event needs to be decided in advance and this mechanism will calculate the best venue for you in consideration of distance, transportation and cuisine flavors.

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A Mechanism for recommending get-together venue

Imagine you are a party organizer and you are going to initiate a dinner party within a group of people. You must be able to propose the restaurant, date and time that can suit most of participants to join. To do it, you have to know all the locations of all potential participants and find out some centered place that make everyone comfortable. There are many existing APPs to help you. You ask everyone to tell you their locations. Then, with the help of map APP, you figure out where the central area is for all the participants. After that, you go to restaurant recommendation APP, define your preferred area and find out the restaurants there. You might want to pick up several candidates for people to choose. If participants cannot reach to consensus, you have to do it all over againto make another proposal. In this tedious process, you can only rely on your own judgement most of the time. Why not make it smarter? We already have some many good APPs. Let's take advantages of them to make a party planner's life easier. All you need to do is to provide some basic information or preference of the party. Leave it to us to collect information from participants, make proposals, and collect feedbacks, until everything is settled. And by 'us', I mean a small add-on to the existing chat APP.

This invention provides an intelligent way of recommending get-together venue for a group of people. As the event initiator, one only needs to specify some key requirements of the event, and a list of possible places will be provided automatically based onthe analysis of the attendees' location, consumptive habits, and other preferences.

1. (Picture)The event initiator opens the add-on in a chatting application and selects the people he wants to send the invitation to. He can choose an existing chat group or each participant individually from the contact list and then click "OK".


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2. (Picture) The event initiator creates an event entry in this add-on in chatting applications and fill in the following information on the page: Required:
o Date of the event.


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o Start time of the event.

o Event category, such as Dinner, Boa...