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A smart method to find interesting information from unread messages Disclosure Number: IPCOM000248233D
Publication Date: 2016-Nov-10
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when you have unread messages in IM app, it will scan all those unread messages to check if any of the words in the interesting key word list showed up. If there are such words, the application will show a list of these words, and user only need to click the word in the list, then it will switch to the place where the first time this word was showed.

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A smart method to find interesting information from unread messages

Social chat app has became one of necessary parts in our daily life. Almost everyone joins many chat group in the chat app, and there are lots of message in those chat group. Usually only a few messages
are what you want to know. But you must read all of those message to get a few message you want.

So we provide a method to pick up those important message you might be interested in by using key
word to analyzing the chat content.

Our idea is used to help owner simplify identify whether the unread message is interesting or not.

The app will scan the chat history periodically and will analysis the chat history and generate a list of the keyword/topic that owner said. eg. football, outing,


When app have N unread messages, it will try to analysis the unread messages and generate the keyword/topic list from these unread messages.

After compare with the chat history keyword/topic list, the app will show a list of matched keyword/topic to the owner. If the owner is click

any one of the matched list, the app will locate cursor to the first place of this keyword/topic appear in the unread messages and highlight the keyword/topic

This function can be used in all kinds of IM app. After turning on this function. The App will start to collect and analysis the contents of the user chat log in the background. It scans for the most words which used by the user from the contents. Then it generates a inter...