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Dynamic select clothing with smart wardrobe Disclosure Number: IPCOM000248238D
Publication Date: 2016-Nov-10
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The different clothing can not automatically matching with each other. The smart wardrobe could provide suggestion for the user according the stature, waether, skin color and occasion. If there is no perferct matching or the user preferred matching the smart wardrobe system could surf Internet for better selection.

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Dynamic select clothing with smart wardrobe

More and more young likely to buy many clothing. When he/she get fat or slim how about this clothing? Is it still match to them? When one dress or shirt selected which accessories or other clothing should selected to match it, which one should selected cover up their stature changes? It maybe a headache for most of person. How to well dynamic match these clothing and accessories according the users stature?


In the scenario as above, there are two problems to be solved.
When the user stature changed the closet clothing may useless.


The clothing and accessories can not well cobble


When the weather changed the non properly clothing may choose


The wardrobe closet could dynamic give the user suggestion according the user current selected clothing and weather.
Once wardrobe get the clothing information you selected the wardrobe get the most matched accessories to you according the


users stature, weather and so on. Then the wardrobe give the user a score for current co-ordinate pattern and colors. If the user is not satisfy current selection the wardrobe connect to Internet and provide other suggestion.


The user clothing scanned by the wardrobe and then put into the wardrobe.


The user select occasion she/he will join, for example working, party and so on.


The wardrobe will scan the user stature and skin color.



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According the stature, skin color, occasion and whether the wardrobe will provide one suggestion.

The user could select one clothing according suggestion or select one by themselves.

According the user selection and the user information the smart wardrobe analysis the wardrobe clothing and accessories.

The smart wardrobe provide two suggestions for t...