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Internet Advertisement Distraction Smart Blocker Disclosure Number: IPCOM000248261D
Publication Date: 2016-Nov-11
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Disclosed is a smart internet advertisement blocker that uses static and smart/active implementations to meet the user’s needs for viewing/not viewing advertisements on a website.

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Internet Advertisement Distraction Smart Blocker

Currently, advertisements abound on many internet sites, placed in the left and right margins, at the top, and at the bottom of the screens. Advertisements (ads) placed on most websites are distracting and sometimes distasteful. A means to reduce

advertisement distractions can be valuable to users and the industry.

The novel contribution is a smart internet advertisement blocker. In one embodiment, the blocker is passive and blocks all content in a user selectable area of the screen. In an alternative embodiment, the blocker determines the advertisement content and either actively blocks a certain type of advertisement or any content not specifically approved for viewing by the user.

Following are the embodiments of the solution.

Static ad blocker. This is a combination of a blocking solid geometry (e.g., rectangle, square) with a visible window cut into it. Both or either of the blocking and window geometries may be substantially rectangular or polygon in nature. Both blocking and

window shapes are editable, sizable, and scalable by the user. In addition, the blocking and window settings can be saved and associated with that particular website so that the appropriate blocker automatically pops up when the user visits that website.

Smart/active ad blocker. The user indicates the desired type of advertisements to view and to block. Based on website metadata, the system appropriately allows or blocks the advertisement(s). For example, a user might want to block all advertisement, except for any showing florists.

Static polygon ad blocker. T...