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Scrolling Screen Capture for Automated Test

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000248265D
Publication Date: 2016-Nov-14
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Disclosed is a script that enables users to capture scrolled screens while running automated tests.

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Scrolling Screen Capture for Automated Test

During automation testing, there is no function (method) to capture a scrolled screen. Testers need a way to validate data and fields on screens that expand beyond the monitor size.

One current method is to manually capture separate screen shots of the same page by hitting the page down key ; that creates a separate screen in the log. There is no automated option to take the scrolled screen in a single screen shot to put in the logs .

The novel solution is a script captures scrolled screens during automation testing. With this implementation, the software for automated scripts can capture scrolled screens for use as documentation in the logs produced at the end of the test execution .

Process to take the screenshot:

1. Take a full screen shot (image 1)

2. Take a screen for the last 100 pixels of the screen (image 2)

3. Advance100 pixels

4. Take a screen for the last 100 pixels of the screen (image 3)

5. Compare screens 2 and 3

    A. If images are the same, save image 1 in the log, this ends the script B. If images are not the same, merge image 1 and 3 to be a new image 1
6. Continue from step 2

Figure: Process flow


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