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Handheld glue gun with driven static mixer Disclosure Number: IPCOM000248268D
Publication Date: 2016-Nov-14
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Handheld glue gun with driven static mixer

Spot repair putty, for repairs or surface finishing on composite elements (e.g. glassfibre composite elements), which has almost immediate cure (“snapcure”), is being used in production of large moulded elements such as boat hulls or wind turbine blades.  But it needs to be accurately mixed and dispensed immediately for use.  So currently, it is mixed and metered by a machine. But the size of the available mixing and dispensing machines restricts when or where the required fast-acting repair putty can be used.

It would be good to be able to dispense this putty from a hand-held dispenser, on-the-spot, for small repairs e.g. in a paint shop, or during servicing tasks e.g. at a boat hull in a marina or repair yard, or at a wind turbine blade on the turbine.  

Hand-held mixing, putty dispensers are available.  These typically have a static mixer mandrel inside a feeder tube, supplied with a putty and a hardener from respective supply cartridges (refills).  But the “snapcure” product has a thin, liquid hardener, to be mixed with a much thicker putty.  This makes it difficult to get an adequate mix in an existing handheld, static mixer.  The consequence can be that inadequately mixed putty is applied which is substandard for the envisaged repair/finishing.

One possible solution would be to increase the length of the static mixer, to thereby increase the mixing effect.  But the length of the static mixer needed would cause...