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Method for obtaining mobile phone number without violating user privacy Disclosure Number: IPCOM000248279D
Publication Date: 2016-Nov-15
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A method to obtaining mobile phone number through the recommended between friends. In order to preserve the personal information is not illegal to obtain, at the same time designed a way to protect the privacy of the recommendation.

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Method for obtaining mobile phone number without violating user privacy

Friends recommended based on social ID is common on social networks. Because all of the user's data are stored at service provider's server, so you can very convenient to a friend recommended and recovery contacts operation.

Today, 4G era of mobile communications more developed, the number of mobile phone number as an important sign of user identity, and sometimes even the user's unique identity. But such an important resource, it can only be obtained by way of one to one exchange. This article is committed to the realization of a auto, fast way to get the phone number of the target user group, without violating the privacy of the users .

The method can be applied in the following scenarios (not limited to):
(a)New employees or new student join the group, you need to get the bulk of the mobile phone numbers of target population.
(b)Someone's contacts is lost, and never backup. Can be through contact with a few friends, so as to restore almost the entire contacts.

This paper is devoted to the realization of a fast and intelligent method of filling the contacts.

Core design includes two aspects:
1. Obtained intelligently in batch.

Normally, each user's mobile contact contains parts of the relationship: the group of colleagues, students, relatives, and so on. Each group includes the owner himself, forming a inter-connect whole. This group, even if excluding the owner himself´╝îstill exist. Select a certain group of two individuals, and completely matching of the two contacts. Picking out the same phone numbers in the two person's contacts. Those mobile phone numbers can be considered to be part of the other user's mobile phone contacts...