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A Method and System to compute the optimal subway door Disclosure Number: IPCOM000248281D
Publication Date: 2016-Nov-15
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Each time when a passenger arrives at one subway station, it is hard to find the optimal onboard carriage with lowest density. Sometime, the passenger also want to get outboard fast from the target station, but it is not clear which carriage door is nearest to exit of the target station. This invention can guide passengers to quickly find the optimal carriage waiting door. The optimal door means that the waiting coefficient is the lowest. It is also according to the exit location of passengers getting off or transfer station.

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A Method and System to compute the optimal subway door

This invention takes mobile application as interface which collect the information from passengers and provide optimal carriage door to the passenger. For the physical hardware aspect, information detector will be installed external and internal on every carriage door to collect the passenger information. The collected data will be uploaded to cloud server to analyze and process.

This invention is related to hot area about big data analysis, cloud computing and mobile. The analytic data is the people number of getting off on every station every carriage door at different time period. The details will be stated in next part of implementation description.


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Data Collection System:
Install probe outside and inside the carriage in every subway station to sense the number of passengers.

Send the collected data into the cloud server segment analysis pretreatment:
The number of waiting passengers outside the door of each carriage of each station The number of current passengers inside each carriage of each station


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         The number of the getting off passengers in each carriage of each station as historical data Data Analysis System:

A statistical data will be calculated that bases on big data analytics from the historic number of passengers getting off over a period of time interval.

The optimal carriage will be calculated.

Data Interaction System:
This invention can be delivered included in mobile map app, so that passengers can enter information and waiting to push the passenger compartment

Config passenger info: destination, prefer way to take the subway

Criteria for optimal waiting doors: (1) highest probability to be onboard (2) The shortest distance from the exit (3) The lowest density of the carriage
The system can provide 2 options for passengers according to comfort or convenience.

Formula to calculate the coefficient of comfort(K):

K= [B+(C-D)]/A

A: The total number of carriage capacity

B: The number of waiting passengers outside the door.

C: The number of the current passengers inside the carriage.

D: The number of passenger to get off against the especial door

D i...