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Training an optical flow network using end-to-end learning Disclosure Number: IPCOM000248288D
Publication Date: 2016-Nov-15
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Optical flow estimation is a building-block in computer vision and visual analytics. We present a method for learning an optical flow estimatior by using video data or a collection of images without annotating thier correspondence relationship. The method enables an end-to-end training of a neural network which is used once trained for optical flow estimation.

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Training an optical flow network using end-to-end learning

The network consists of several important components as follows:

 The key points are:
1) Training an optical flow network model with unlabeled image data, which involves the following key components and steps

•Flow offset regression network


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  •Interpolation network •Loss function with a data and smooth term using the warped image and the target image Training the above optical flow network using a pair of relevant images (without label) based on differential back propagation.