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Automatic Surviver Notification System for Huge Disaster

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000248297D
Publication Date: 2016-Nov-15
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A system to leverage the abnormal status message that IOT device send out to trigger user's wearable devices and make it broadcast help message automatically. With this mechanism, disaster survivor can be found if they have such auto-triggered wearable devices.

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Automatic Surviver Notification System for Huge Disaster

To avoid the disaster, people always want to use a sophisticated alert system to monitor and predict it. However, for some unpredictable disaster, such as earthquake (natural disaster) or shipwreck (man-made disaster), no any modern system can predict it precisely so far. A lot of people will be buried alive under the collapsed building or trapped in the sinking ship. Most of the time, it is too late for people to trigger the equipment to send out the distress call (e.g.. SOS) when the disaster occurred. How to save people in "golden 72 hours" is critical between live and death.

We design a system to trigger a signal by IOT device automatically as soon as the disaster occurred. That signal can provide more information (ex: sign of life) for rescue team to judge how to save people more "efficient" in the limit time as soon as possible.

To save the survivors that need to be found after a disaster happen, we need a way to automatically trigger user device broadcasting the help message. After the rescue team arrive, they can follow the help message to save the survivors that are trapped. By monitoring the data sent out by IoT devices, user device can know if the environment is under an abnormal situation and decide to start sending out user's help message or not. If it isa false alarm, then user will notice that and turn it off.

Since the help message will contain the survivers' living symptoms, the rescue team can decide the priority to find survivers.

Claim Point
1. Method of automatically triggering user device broadcasting help message when disaster happens by monitoring the data that IoT device sends out and deciding if the disaster is happened.

2. User device would monitor the data sent by IoT and compare with historial data to determinate if abnormal situation is happening.

1. Don't need manually trigger the broadcasting of help message, so the help message will be broadcasted even if the survivors are unconscious.
2. Don't need a central information server to inform user device the disaster is happening.

3. Only after the disaster happen, the help message will be broadcasted. So, it can be engery saving for user devices.

4. No modification on IoT device environment.

5. Help rescue team to decide who should save first.

At first, user configures their device (e.g. wearable device) and the IOT device, which can be many different kinds of life saving device, such as fire detector, gas detector, or earthquate detector... etc., so the user device can receive data from the IOT device and compare the IOT data with the history data. If the result shows that there is a disaster, the wearable device will start braodcasting help message, such as information of location, and living symptom... etc. Users can cancel the help massage if they are not in danger. If they are not able to cancel the help message or consider themselves not in a safe situation, they don't need to do a...