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Box for Flying camera

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000248299D
Publication Date: 2016-Nov-15
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In these days, cameras become important device in activities thanks to the development of smart phone. However, people are not hand-free when they use them. More than that, we find it difficult to focus camera without vibration when we are going and trying to record. This disclosure suggests a new way to support camera in order to keep it more stable and smooth when using it to record. The camera will be attached to a drone which is connected to a string from a box to become flying camera. The string is controlled from a box and can be set longer or shorter. With sensors such as the one to check the surface of road, the box can detect the exact movement of the person who handles or holds the box, in terms of direction and altitude, and adjust the camera accordingly through the string, based on pre-programmed journey.

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Box for Flying camera

The main scenario (fig 1) is that the user handles the string scroller (a box) which can scroll and make the string longer or shorter (this box can be hang on his shoulder to free the hands). He can control this scroller from smartphone. He can also control flying camera via smartphone software to rotate it or make it fly up and down. The signal from his path is also sent to scroller and smartphone, and it can be used to stabilize the flying camera. The electric power can be provide to flying camera through string.

The system consists of following parts:

1. The flying camera: it is normal flying camera which can be controlled via remote control

2. A string scroller: it is a device which can scroll long string (rope) to a box, make it longer or shorter. Therefore, the flying camera can fly nearer or longer in comparison to this scroller (fig 3). Moreover, the string can conduct electricity from box to drone and camera to provide durable power. The string controller works on following inputs:

a. Signal from camera which scans the surface of the path where the users are walking on (fig 4). If the user goes down and the user wants the camera at the same height, he can set this automatically, and scroller can provide more string.

b. Information from position of the string, it is 3D-angle of string in comparison to scroller (fig 2). Basing on this information, user can setup software on smart phone, to make the scroller automatically provide more or less string, so the flying camera can change its...