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Model and method for per user conditional formatting in a multi-user collaborative spreadsheet Disclosure Number: IPCOM000248300D
Publication Date: 2016-Nov-15
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This invention provides model and method for per user conditional formatting in a multi-user collaborative spreadsheet, so collaborators can set his/her conditional formatting rules only for one cell and can share his/her rules to others.

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Model and method for per user conditional formatting in a multi-user collaborative spreadsheet

A spreadsheet file can be shared to multiple collaborators at multiple locations in online collaboration environment. There is a master copy of file stored on cloud server, collaborator can edit the file and all other collaborators can receive the change from cloud immediately.

A spreadsheet can have thousands of rows of data, it would be extremely difficult to see patterns and trends just from examining the raw data. Conditional formatting is a way to help to format cells on the value of the cell, highlight interesting or unusual cells, and visualize thedata using colors, icons or data bars. In collaborative spreadsheet, conditional formatting created by a collaborator can be sent to other collaborators and applied to their view of the file. Usually, there are collaborators with different roles sharing one file, different collaborators have different focus. So the shared conditional formatting may be an obstruction to other collaborators who are viewing the range that is affected by new edited conditional formatting. Besides, ifmore than one collaborators want to set his/her rules only for one cell, there is no way to satisfy the case.

Therefore we need a model or a method to do the following:
1) Capability to create, store and share per user conditional formatting in a collaborative spreadsheet.

2) Capability to change the scope of conditional formatting in a collaborative spreadsheet.

3) Capability to apply conditional formatting rules of different scope in priority in a collaborative spreadsheet.

Online collaboration editing becomes widely used in different industries, while it helps to improve efficiency of information collection and share, some individuation requirements appears for different roles of collaborators. To enhance the ability of collaborative spreadsheet, we propose per user conditional formatting as the following solutions:
1) Different level for conditional formatting in an online collaborative spreadsheet.

a) Public conditional formatting : the conditional formatting can be applied to all collaborators.

b) Scoped conditional formatting : conditional formatting can be shared to specified collaborators.

c) Private conditional formatting : Conditional formatting can be applied to its owner only.

2) Capability to change...