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A System and method to locate luggage using augmented reality and object tracking technology Disclosure Number: IPCOM000248303D
Publication Date: 2016-Nov-15
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When people pick up luggage in the airports, oftentimes they will experience stress at the baggage claim area for problems such as "too many luggage look alike and it's not easy to identify which one to pick", "has wait for a long time and has no idea when the luggage will arrive the carousel", etc... Problem: today almost everyone has a smart phone, is it possible to locate the luggage in a convenient and easy way? The present invention provides a method and system for telling travellers where their luggage is at the airport. The method will implement a "Baggage Surveillance System" which includes one or more cameras and a back-end system. In addition to that, when a traveler checks luggage at the counter, an unique serial number will be generated for tracking the luggage location. With this unique number and an augmented reality mobile app, traveller can know the baggage's current status: - when the baggage hasn't arrived carousel yet, the augmented reality app will display the estimated arrival time; - when the baggage arrives the carousel and while it keeps moving on the carousel, the augmented reality app will point the current location of the luggage.

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A System and method to locate luggage using augmented reality and object tracking technology

The system will work this way:

When a traveller checks in a luggage at an airport counter, the barcode/tag will be attached to the luggage and the traveller will receive a corresponding (unique) number for tracking the luggage. The unique number could be a serial number generated by the airline company or be specified by the traveller.

After arriving the destination, the traveller will turn on the augmented reality application on the mobile device, input the unique number and start searching for this baggage through augmented reality technology.

When the luggage is unloaded, the luggage tracking system will scan the luggage tag and pass the estimated time to the baggage claim location to the back-end information server. So when the traveller point the mobile phone at the baggage claim area, the mobile phone will display the information to the traveller.(*1 *2)

When the luggage arrives the baggage claim area, at the entry point of the carousel, the tag will be scanned again and the serial number will be passed to the "Baggage Surveillance System" of this invention, which includes one or more cameras that used to monitor the baggage claim area, plus the back-end information system.

The "Baggage Surveillance System" receives the luggage tag number from the sensor at the carousel entry and assigns the tag number to the luggage that is passing through the entry point of the c...