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Keyword Driven Message Recollection based on Predictive Geolocation Data Disclosure Number: IPCOM000248319D
Publication Date: 2016-Nov-15
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Disclosed is a method to surface a generic non-geotagged message based on a user's current location.

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Keyword Driven Message Recollection based on Predictive Geolocation Data

Users' in-boxes and mobile devices are overloaded with information. For example, users receive a large number of promotions and offers in an inbox that are typically ignored unless a user goes to visit a store that is associated with the offer. In the case of a physical store, a user typically searches for the store name on a mobile device, attempting to recall coupons or offers to use in-person.

Proposed is a solution to surface related emails and text messages based on a user's current location and determine which offers are relevant. The solution introduces a unique way to filter an existing set of generic messages based on a user's current known location. For example, the user may have a set of existing text messages and emails regarding a store promotion. Even though the messages do not contain any location information, the system can filter the messages and display the relevant information on-demand when the user comes within proximity to a relevant location, at which the messages have use.


1. A user receives a set of messages (e.g., email, text messages, social media messages, etc.)

2. The individual visits a physical location 3. The system uses location identification techniques to determine the individual's location (e.g., global positioning system (GPS), Wi-Fi, cellular triangulation, micro-location, etc.)

4. The system compares the user's location to publicly available records to determine nearby points of interest. The "nearness" can be a preference defined by the user (e.g., within one mile vs. five miles away)

5. System uses the identified point(s) of interest to refine the set of messages (from step 1), such that those messages matching keywords associated with the point of interest are:

A. Presented at the top of the list

    B. Dynamically group...