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The Equipment Cloud Disclosure Number: IPCOM000248344D
Publication Date: 2016-Nov-16
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Industrial equipment can be outfitted with chips that record information and send it to an equipment cloud. This data can be used for analytics and to allow suppliers, manufacturers, and clients to better understand how a piece of equipment performs in the field and take appropriate action.

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Creating An Equipment Cloud for the Energy Space


The Oil and Gas industry is faced with declining margins, human resources and operating cash but the number of equipment required to be managed for environmental compliance and proactive maintenance continues to increase. EQUIPT, the big data (public or private cloud) service will digitally enable Oil and Gas equipment from any manufacturer or client that installs the tracking technology. Authenticated and authorized users will be able to track and monitor their tagged equipment in real-time or on demand while also receiving proactive guidance and decision support based on the information reported.

We describe a big data service that is a combination of Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for equipment. If equipment were able to post and tweet to social media, this would be their platform.

The solution also resembles the trend analysis available in many news sites or that resembles “customers who bought this also bought this” recommendation engines. The service goes a step further by using engineering first principles to proactively identify trends that may indicate areas of concern and provide the best practices related to maintaining equipment reliability and prolonging the life of the equipment.


The emergence of big data (public or private “cloud”) computing infrastructure presents the industry with a unique opportunity to tag equipment with tracking chips that can report their current status.

This offering will allow equipment to “post” their status to a data collection service that will manage the security and privacy of the communication. The only requirement is a registered account with the big data provider and a chip capable of transmitting the information through the available network access location where the equipment is installed.

The big data service will have digital security measures of different tiers to ensure privacy. Authenticated persons will have access to their authorized information.

Authenticated persons can review their posts and generate reports. The big data service will also analyze posts using Data Science, Advanced Analytics and Engineering principles to provide proactive monitoring, diagnostic advice and decision support.

Detailed Description

i.                     This idea could meet the following needs:  

a.       XML Standard for equipment communication with the Cloud

b.       Data ingestion automation

c.        Data quality automation

d.       Unified (manufacturer agnostic) equipment management portal

e.        Automated equipment monitoring and notification service

f.        Integrated equipment maintenance and reliability engineering analysis

g.        Decision support for fields and production facilities

ii.                    This idea would meet the above needs by:

a.       Define XML data structures to capture and store information from equipment

b.       Provide standards for equipment communications in low power environments

c.        Provide standards  for equipment communications in low connectivity environments

d.       Cen...