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Efficient POP stack method with punching replacing interposer Disclosure Number: IPCOM000248392D
Publication Date: 2016-Nov-24
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Efficient POP stack method with punching replacing interposer


A common semiconductor device arrangement includes an upper semiconductor package stacked over a lower semiconductor package, i.e. package-on-package (PoP). The upper semiconductor package is typically electrically connected to the lower semiconductor package.

In order to increase productivity, strip to strip, coupling a substrate strip to another substrate strip has attracted considerable attention. Butassembly failure is increased because the top substrate is attached on defected substrate unit.

To solve the problems, disclosed is replacing defected substrate units with good substrate units in a substrate strip. Good substrate unit defines accepted substrate or a substrate unit that passes a test. A substrate strip having 100% good substrate units is formed. The throughput of assembly is improved and minimizes the cost of assembly.


Fig. 2 ~ Fig. 6 shows a manufacturing method of forming a substrate strip having all 100% good substrate units.

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Efficient POP stack method with punching replacing interposer

Fig. 2 shows a substrate strip having a defective substrate unit. A substrate strip includes substrate units integrally formed with a frame. The frame includes a plurality of slots surrounding substrate units so that only a portion of each substrate unit (edge portion) is connected to the frame. The slots provide a stress relief for the substrate strip to help control potential warping of the strip. The substrate strip of the present invention is preferably a laminated substrate strip made of plastic material for assembling a plenty of semiconductor chip at the same time. The substrate strip shape is not limited, rectangle preferred.

As shown in Fig. 2, a substrate strip which is produced by a conventional process is tested and found...