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Smart pen alerting if there is lack of activity Disclosure Number: IPCOM000248399D
Publication Date: 2016-Nov-24
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There are different situation where we have a person interested in understanding if other people are writing or not. One of this situation could be a teacher giving a classwork to your students. There might be a student having problems with his/her classwork but being not comfortable with asking help. In this case teacher would be alerted in order to understand if the student did not understand the classwork or have any other issue. System alerting teacher about not writing student would be really helpful.

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Smart pen alerting if there is lack of activity

With this disclosure we propose a pen that is enabled with a movement sensor alerting a centralized system so that the teacher can understand if the movement is either missing or always the same (i.e. back and forward, up and down, etc). Both cases are symptom that the student is having difficulties.

Hereafter it is described the sequence of steps used by the proposed system method:

1) A pen is associated with each student, having loaded the profile of the student himself gathered with Watson services (Personality Insights).

2) Before giving any classwork teacher associate each single pen to his system avoiding to loose anyone or that a pen is associated to neighbor system.

3) Teacher gives classwork to his students.

4) Students take their pen and they are supposed to start their classwork.

5) Pen retrieve movement information and sand them to centralized system.

6) The system analyze the movement and in case pen has either lacking of movement or it is repeating always the same movement then the teacher is alerted - via a panel or other device - that there is a student needing help.

- Movement of the pen is recognized via a sensor of movement
- Signal is provided by the pen via Bluetooth (trademark of Bluetooth SIG) communicating data to the panel owned by the teacher. The panel is led-enabled that recognizes the signal given by the pen.

- Predefined movement will be loaded into the system, but learning phase will a...