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Stepped Interposer using Dry Film process for forming a stepped opening feature Disclosure Number: IPCOM000248402D
Publication Date: 2016-Nov-25
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Stepped Interposer using Dry Film process for forming a stepped opening feature


Stepped Interposer PoP is contributing to provide a viable solution for a thinner PoP integrated package structure to use thicker IC chip, such that the attached IC chip on the substrate is positioned within the

use of stepped opening within interposer would narrow the distance or gap in between the contact pads of interposer with the contact pads of substrate, thus smaller conductive bumps

can be used to electrically couple the interposer and substrate in PoP structure. This indicates higher density of I/O count and flexibility of design.

The stepped interposer is having the structure as shown in Figure 1A. Current

Cu plating layer as given in Figure 1B
highly subjective to the variation of Cu plating thickness and its evenness, which may pose

risk to reliability robustness consistency.

stepped opening created in the underlying interposer. The

stepped opening formed within the dielectric PPG

ly, PPG stepped opening formation is relying on the

. Means to say, stepped opening depth tolerance is

stepped opening, this new invention

stepped opening as shown in Figure 2A. By resort to

formation, the stepped opening depth variation are reduced, the dry film. It may benefit from omitting

the dry film for stepped opening
which inherent from the controllable flatness of
some costly processes such as Cu plating, masking and etching in existing required procedure, whereas replacing by less complicated dry film attachment and stripping processes. The conceptualized new process meth


with stepped opening formed by dry film layer

Figure 1A: Stepped interposer

Figure 1B: Prior art -Stepped interposer with stepped opening formed by Cu layer

Instead of using the Cu plating layer to cast the PPG discloses the use of dry film to form the

odologies are further illustrated in the next

Figure 2A: New invention -Stepped interposer

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Stepped Interposer using Dry Film process for forming a step...