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Framework for cognitive server administration through natural language interaction Disclosure Number: IPCOM000248430D
Publication Date: 2016-Nov-29
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The data center administrators can perform server administration operations in natural language using an interactive interface. The system is able to dynamically identify the command that has to be executed in order to perform the administration operation. It is also able to resolve the entities which an operation is targeted at by the administrator.

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Framework for cognitive server administration through natural language interaction


In the virtualization hybrid environment, maintaining and building the server administration knowledge is not an easy job these days. An administrator has to go through a lot of documentation and training in order to start performing the server administration tasks and then some more years of experience is required to build the expertise on the same. What if this knowledge can be built easily using a system that provides a chat assistant for performing server administration operations? Users can communicate with this tool in natural language like they are talking to a virtual administrator and perform all infrastructure administration activities.

There are several virtual assistants in the market today that allow for a human to machine interaction. But these interactions are mostly following a Q&A approach and presents static, predetermined responses. Also there is no tool today that allows administrators to do complex server or data center administration tasks by interacting in natural language like workload creation, live mobility etc


Disclosed is a system to provide a framework for a cognitive chat assistant that can help administrators to accomplish their day to day administration tasks by interacting with the system in natural language. The chat assistant will know different knowledge domains like workloads, server administration, analysis of server performances and problem resolutions for different kind of problems. The system has knowledge of different server domains and is capable of identifying the management software against which an operation has to be executed on.

The following are the salient features of the framework:

1. Natural language interaction to perform server administration operations

2. Automatic resolution of the right management software interface through which a certain operation has to be executed

3. Extract the entity names from the user's interaction to decide on what entiti...