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Framework for cognitive server provisioning based on business requirements specified in an interactive chat dialog

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000248431D
Publication Date: 2016-Nov-29
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The data center administrators can provision or re-provision their workloads using an interactive interface by specifying the business requirements as against specifying the details of the configuration. The interface supports interaction in natural language.

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Framework for cognitive server provisioning based on business requirements specified in an interactive chat dialog
There are multiple management software that allow for server provisioning today. This is typically done through a graphical user interface, a command line or through a set of programmable APIs. None through an interactive chat application.

Today's management software requires the server configuration to be mentioned in every detail whether the user knows about a specific configuration option or not. This information is collected via the same interfaces from the user.

There is no management software that provides a framework to take a business requirement and derives configuration that is best suited for that business.

Disclosed is a system by which the data center administrators or the technical engineers can cognitively provision, re-provision or optimize their workload configuration by interactively specifying their business requirements through an interface that supports natural language interaction. By this, the data center administrators do not need to maintain workload configuration templates, know every server configuration parameter or even do workload optimization on their own. The system takes care of coming up with the suitable configuration based on the business requirement.

Advantages of using the system:

Administrator does not need to know about the configuration nitty gritty details The system observes the environment from its past accumulated information and makes decision based on it
The Administrator need not have past knowledge of how much a specific system has scaled and on what configuration
There is a pre-existing business requirement meta data set
The business requirement, the workload configuration metadata is continuously revised as per the changing environmen...