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compact multi_functional dental filling device Disclosure Number: IPCOM000248487D
Publication Date: 2016-Dec-08
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Compact multi- function dental filling device system

Technical field:

The innovation being presented is in the field of dentistry specifically in tooth filling, which at  the present day is one of the most used dental procedure to prevent and control dental decay.

In the light of everyday dental schedules it would be helpful to the dental practice if the dentist can utilize all dental tools and materials  efficiently and fast. The dentist uses many tools and materials to fill teeth, and usually these are prepared on the bracket table of the dental chair so that the dentist can get them or handed to the dentist by the dental assistant. The problem is that in the filling process after the dentist have removed all the decayed part of the teeth by the dental drill ready for filling ,the dentist will pick the first instrument  for filling to be used in the bracket table or handed to him or her by the dental assistant then go to the mouth of the patient to use it then go back again to the bracket table to return the instrument and get the next tool for the next step takes a lot of back and forth movement for the dentist to perform which takes time and effort  for both dentist and assistant.

In these innovation device system being presented , it will promote a smooth flow of the tooth filling process making it easier and faster for the dentist to perform  the procedure.

Background of the Innovation System;

The dentist uses many tools and materials in order to fill teeth, These are;  the Acid etchant the gel that etches and when applied to the cavity being filled  produces microscopic holes on the enamel part of the cavity where the bonding agent will flow and stick to retain the filling to the cavity: the Bonding agent which act as a liquid dental glue that attaches the composite filling to  the cavity being filled and is activated  to set and hardened by exposure to the light coming from the light cure machine;  the Applicator brush which applies the bonding agent to the cavity being filled;  the Air syringe an instrument that blows air to the cavity being filled to dry the cavity before application of the bonding agent and also is used to blow air to the bonding agent after application prior to exposure to the light cure machine;  the Composite filling material which fills the cavity completely and is also made to hardened and stick to the bonding agent and cavity by exposure to the light cure machine;   the Plastic composite applicator  instrument which is a long pen like plastic instrument that scoops the composite filling material from the composite dispenser and also act as a carrier of the composite filling material to the cavity being filled, it also compacts and push the composite deep in the cavity;  the light cure machine which is an instrument that produces intense light that causes the bonding agent and the composite filling to set and harden;  the composite dispenser is the plastic tube where the composite is sto...