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System and Methods for Object Based Profile Management in File Storage Environments Disclosure Number: IPCOM000248579D
Publication Date: 2016-Dec-20
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User profile data is essential to provide individual user experience when working with a computer. These profiles may exist for each user defined on a computer, or for each user in a user directory, shared among many computers by means of shared storage such as Network Attached Storage (NAS) . This Method propose to simplify the management of this profiles.

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System and Methods for Object Based Profile Management in File Storage Environments

Typically the content of the profile (i.e. for MS Windows) is many (> 500) small files, where each single file defines one ore more aspects of the user specific setting. e.g.: Color of the screen background, author name to be used in new text documents, sound settings, user settings per application, browser cache files, ….... Typically these small files are spread across multiple directories.

In files storage environments typically a very large number of users are using the same file-storage infrastructure. Every user own an individual set of small files defining his or her user profile.

Due this the following problems are encountered by prior art technology:

the file storage system need to manage a massive amount of user profile data  (e.g. 100 x 1000 fies for 1000 users and 100 profile files / user). This in turn is impacting the overall files performance a lot the file storage system needs to keep track of profile data changes per user and  profile file. This is also a performance intensive task the file storage system and the user needs to ensure protection of the user  profile files (e.g. snapshots, backups). This is a difficult task due to the fact that the small files are widely spread and due the the high amount of users.

The outlined solution defines a novel user profile management to optimize the prior are solutions data handling and performance of such.

1. Encapsulate all user...