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Drones power charging system Disclosure Number: IPCOM000248581D
Publication Date: 2016-Dec-20
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The purpose of this article is to propose a system which will permit to increase the operational range of drones even in the case they are provided with a short battery endurance.

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Drones power charging system

Disclosed is a system which will permit to increase the operational range of drones. Usage of drones in the business of package delivering has been gaining momentum in the last years. The packaging delivery services are often characterized by different options based on the guaranteed delivery time, e.g.

• Premium Service (delivery guaranteed in 24h since order time)

• Basic Service (delivery in 3 days since order time)

One of the biggest problems to face with drones-based package delivery business is the limited endurance of drone batteries which limits a lot the range of action and coverage distance. The proposed system consists of a set of charging platforms distributed in the area of business interest, that are able to interact with each drone. Specifically, the charging platforms will be connected with the drones via Internet and they will interact with the navigation system that is pre-installed on each drone. This navigation system will be able to plan a long distance trip which includes some intermediate stops that allow the drone to recharge the batteries.

The trip planning will take in consideration all the KPI/metrics (Key Performance Indicator) provided by each charging platform:

• availability

• compatibility with drone

• queue list

• accepted service delivery plan

Drones will also be able to mutually exchange information like:

• delivery priority (based on the service delivery plan)

• current battery level

• status

• trip details

The proposed system consists of the following components:

Component A: a set of charging platforms distributed in the geographical areas scope of delivery business (e.g. a big city).

The charging platforms will be installed on top of buildings and will consist of multiple wireless battery charging stations a...