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Method and system for collaborative attraction heat map during photography. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000248585D
Publication Date: 2016-Dec-20
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This article deal with a method that will allow user to get help during picture taking to better identify subjects

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Method and system for collaborative attraction heat map during photography .

There are different application are available which talks about recommendation of photographic places, accordingly user can take capture photograph from the location. But in any photographic place, some specific object, or section of object is interested to all people. There has to be a mechanism by which user can visually identify such object of interest while they are in the photographic place, and accordingly they can capture photograph. Following Diagram (Figure 1) talks about a photographic place, Different dimension of photographs were captured in the location. In this case each block mean a photograph captured in that location.

Figure 1

Invention proposes a method and system by which a software installed in social networking server will cluster the photographs based on point of capture and direction of capture, accordingly will extract common features (image objects) from each images. Based on the identified common feature from each photograph, social network server will create a heat map, The heat map will be created for each point and direction of photography. Once user focus camera to a photographic place, user will option to view the heat map overlaid on the preview. User can also provide comments on any section on the heat map, and the same will be available to other user in social network .

The solution can have at least two main embodiments: a collaborative peer to peer approach where heatmap are real time built between the nearby users using a camera or a social approach in which the

specific client interact with a social server to build the historical heatmap .

According to a more complex solution the heatmap can also be profiled by user or user groups (in order to get the effective level of attraction for example of user coming from the same country) but also on external factors like time or wheather (that is in the morning during a raining day the heatmap may be differ...