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Mechanism for hiding critical applications on mobile devices for security purposes Disclosure Number: IPCOM000248587D
Publication Date: 2016-Dec-20
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The article describes a software solution which enables to hide certain predefined applications/icons in the default view and show them only after certain actions performed by the approved user. This is applicable for example to bank applications installed on mobile phones.

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Mechanism for hiding critical applications on mobile devices for security purposes

Nowadays many people have bank applications on their mobile devices which allow them to access their bank accounts and do operations on them (including money transfer). This is a security risk as one can be attacked on the street and forced to first show if he/she has any bank applications and if yes , to login and transfer all the money on the 3rd party account. This kind of robbery is very dangerous as one quickly can loose life time savings. However, if the intruder after checking would not find any bank applications on the mobile phone he /she would have no capability to finalize the robbery. The current disclosure provides a method to effectively hide such critical applications from being shown by default on the desktop screen . The solution described in this disclosure assumes additional “pattern lock” (a personalized shape or pattern that is drawn on the screen to grant access ) next to the regular pattern lock to unlock the whole device . Only after providing the second pattern lock by drawing some shape directly on the regular screen desktop , the critical applications are being shown on the desktop screen .

The detailed pieces of the solution are described below in bullets : The solution is embedded in the mobile operating system and is built -in part  of the OS (OS enhancement, new OS feature not present currently) When the new mobile device is configured for the first time , the user is given  a capability of configuring the additional (optional) pattern lock for un-hiding from desktop critical applications for security purposes . When used decides...