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Method for 3D data set cartography for Data Lake Disclosure Number: IPCOM000248591D
Publication Date: 2016-Dec-20
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this article is about a method for having 3D view of all data sources

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Method for 3D data set cartography for Data Lake

Data lake or data reservoir are the new way for our customers to find new insight. The objective of those data architecture solution is to make all the data set (data sources, files..) available for the data scientists.

The only way today to know the data set landscape available for the data scientist is to access a metadata catalog, through a metadata tool, but there is no 3D visualization , as a map view, of those data set. Having this data cartography view will really change the usage of the data lake for the end users.

The present publication discloses an original and innovative method to deliver a map view of data sources for a data lake users. The data sources cartography will help users to find the relevant data sources easily, and will open the data Lake usage to others end users with this map view facility.

Core idea of this publication is a method consisting of the extraction of the existing data set metadata catalog data, addition manually of the data set without metadata, populating a map view tool and deliver to the data scientist the data Lake's data set 3D view to improve end data scientist data exploration.

This new method is a step to improve the data sources catalog view for the data lake end users.

The method is novel because the data lake projects are new, and there is not a lot end users facilities which has been proposed.

The method once applied will deliver a data sources cartography and will display that to the end users. That way, the method helps to: - collect metadata from metadata catalog tool - create a data sources cartography in 3D - open to more end users the data lake usage

This is unique today in the market. The method :

· Collect all metadata sources available and known (with a metadata product or not)

· Add manually which are not automatically detected (as Internet of Things devices)

· Keep for all data set links and locations ( geo localization) · Create a file which contains all the data set links · Fill in the 3D MAP view tool · The users will have a 3D view of all the data set available


The data lake solution requires to give a list of data set...