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System and Method for Electronic Messaging Approval Functions Disclosure Number: IPCOM000248607D
Publication Date: 2016-Dec-21
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Disclosed is an automated management approval system and method embedded in application code within an email system.

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System and Method for Electronic Messaging Approval Functions

As email is a common mode for business communications and executing transactions, a method is needed to make processes within an email environment faster, more reliable, and easier. This is especially true for instances in which the sender of the email is soliciting and awaiting a response from the recipient. Many times, such communications involve a request for an approval from management for some type of future activity.

Presently, email communications requiring management approval are sent and received in the same manner as any other email message, and as such, are susceptible to being ignored, deleted, or delayed in response. Additionally, using current art, several email interactions may occur over a period in an attempt to obtain management approval, which is both inefficient and difficult to audit after the fact. Finally, without the governance of the underlying email application, each user is free to handle such requests in any manner. As an example, corporate policy may state that all management approval documents must be saved for one calendar year; however, without an embedded function to manage this process, a user accidentally or intentionally may delete such a document.

The novel contribution is a method to implement and automate a management approval function in an email application. While the application used in this disclosure to describe the novel method in email, the solution is equally applicable to any text-based electronic communications method.

The disclose solution utilizes all of the existing methods of an existing email system while integrating a new management approval function. User interaction with the email application varies only in the case that a management approval request is being communicated, in which case, the user accesses this new feature.

In a preferred embodiment, the application logic would follow the steps depicted in Figure 1.

Figure 1: Management Approval Steps


To implement the system and method for electronic messaging approval functions in a preferred embodiment:

1. The email user creates a new email message using existing methods 2. Using a pull-down menu, the user indicates that the email is requesting

management approval

Figure 2: Management Approval Selection Menu

A. In a preferred embodiment, a sub-menu might then request additional information in order to better determine default routing selections (Figure 3)

Figure 3: Management Approval Selection Sub-Menu


B. In this example, the selection of Financial Approval above may add members of the Accounting Department to the default approval list in addition to the users management chain

3. The system presents a dialogue box capturing the det...