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Re-useable plug with cylindrical twist on to provide electrical path to main device Disclosure Number: IPCOM000248619D
Publication Date: 2016-Dec-21
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Re-useable Plug with Cylindrical Twist on to Provide Electrical Path to Main Device

The idea here is to provide an international interchangeable plug that would provide electrical connection to the main body of a device (related to PCB electrical device). The operator would twist the plug into a socket 180º, and at the end of the twist, they can tactilely feel a *snap* engagement.

The plug is an insert, molded cylindrical body with international plug leads that lead to a exposed lead at the end of a plastic thread. The thread provides the 180º twist engagement and the body contains a metal electrical contact that with a large dome that follows the thread and provides electrical path to the internal contacts that the electrical PCB uses to power the system. The plug thread contains an off- center recess with exposed contact that provides the *snap* effect. The plug outer body covers the plug and also contains molded domes that also provide additional *snap* once engaged to the main body once the plug is screwed to the main body. Operator can swap international plugs to the common body to reuse the device internationally.


1. Changeable plug re-usable main body

2. Electrical user safety

3. Screw in retention

4. Electrical transfer from plug to main body contacts

5. Simple materials structure

Proposal: Screw-in Electrical Plug

Electrical Path

Plug Assembly

Main Body Assembly