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Method of activating a one-handed interface for quick responses

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Publication Date: 2016-Dec-21
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Method of activating a one-handed interface for quick responses

One handed input on a device with a large display is challenging ergonomically. Users struggle to reach the entire display or keyboard and one-handed use often causes the device to be held in an uncomfortable position. When the device is being used in one hand, the device has no way to tell that it is being used one-handed, nor can it tell which hand it is in.

The solution proposed here solves the difficulty of one-handed use of a physical keyboard phone. This solution informs the device which hand (left or right) it is being used in, and adjusts accordingly so that the user can send quick, one-handed replies. Using a “slider” type device as an example; if the device is closed, and the user wants to send a quick reply using their right hand, they would press and hold on the right side of the display with their thumb, while sliding the device open. The combination of these two actions (press and hold [right side] + slide open) would cause the device to recognize that it is in “right- handed, quick response mode”. This mode enables the user to send pre-programmed or contextual responses using only the right side of the keyboard (or left if it is in left-handed mode). Once this mode is activated, the user can scroll through a list of contextual reply options by using the capacitive keyboard on the right side of the physical keyboard, or press and hold the letter that corresponds to a preprogrammed reply. This metho...