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System and Method from Context Aware Recent Contacts List

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000248622D
Publication Date: 2016-Dec-21
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System and Method of Situationally Presenting Different Contacts from a Context Aware Recent Contacts List The contacts in a device’s “Recent Contacts” are sometimes determined by who the user contacts the most; but that may not always be the only thing that the user is expecting or looking for. A user may contact a co-worker often during the week, but during the weekend or on a vacation day they probably would have another set of people that they would be more likely to contact during those time periods.

One solution to this would be to have “Recent Contacts” be context aware (i.e. analyze location, time, etc) when determining what contacts to show in the “Recent Contacts” list.


A user may work from 9PM-5PM and so during these hours, they should see more of their work contacts show up in “Recent Contacts”. After 5PM or on the weekend, they should see more personal contacts show up instead.

The user may also take a day off in the middle on the week. A heuristics-type engine should determine that the user is not at work and show the user a different set based on their actual location.

Another way that a user’s location can be used is that their location can be compared to the addresses in their Contacts to suggest people who are nearby by. For instance, say a user is visiting a relative in Kalamazoo; the recent contacts could be updated to include that relative since the user is presently there, even though the user is usually not in that location.