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Method and System for Dynamic Translation and Language Tracking in a Data Source Name (DSN) Memory Disclosure Number: IPCOM000248631D
Publication Date: 2016-Dec-22
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Disclosed is a method and system for dynamic translation and language tracking in a DSN memory. The method and system enables flexible access to NLO data while minimizing storage costs, time, and processing.

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Method and System for Dynamic Translation and Language Tracking in a Data Source Name (DSN) Memory

Translating between languages is a processing intensive, and time consuming process. Storing translated versions of a given piece of text utilizes storage resources.

Disclosed is a method and system operating within a Data Source Name (DSN) memory that makes trade-off decisions regarding when to store versus when to compute on the fly various translated versions of an original Natural Language Object (NLO).

When a requester stores a piece of data to a DSN memory, the DS processing unit can determine if the data is (in whole or in part) an object representing text, audio, or another representation of a natural language. This determination may be made by analyzing the content stored or via requester-supplied information indicating that the data is an NLO, and optionally what language the NLO is in.

To start with, when the DS processing unit receives an NLO to store, it determine what language the NLO is in and then determines whether to store the NLO in its original language, or to store at least one translated version. This decision may be based on an expectation of requested access languages of future readers of this NLO. Accordingly, the DS processing unit may not perform any translations at this time of the NLO or may translate the NLO into at least one alternate language and store the translation(s). Moving on, the DS processing unit decides whether to store whether to store other translated languages based on a future expected processing/latency cost and a storage cost. Based on the decision, the DS processing unit generates multiple...