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A method/system to generate contextually instructional videos Disclosure Number: IPCOM000248649D
Publication Date: 2016-Dec-22
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When you want to buy train/bus tickets in a foreign country, it's hard to buy tickets and find the train/bus locations because you don't know its languages and cannot read the signs and follow the instructions correctly. You have to ask staffs for help or you have to use a translation software to translate the languages. It's a waste of time and data to find staffs to buy the tickets for you or to translate the instructions. Moreover, you are not able to type the foreign characters into the software on your mobile device. This disclosure is created to solve the above problem. To complete the task quickly, take a photo of the instructions on the ticket vending machine, and the photo will be uploaded to a database with its GPS location. Then, a contextual video will be available to instruct users to complete the tasks.

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A method/system to generate contextually instructional videos

Process of the invention:

Implementation steps: Step 1. System can find accurate location as follows:

Search Keyword from existing Bus/Train Station Database Search Image by comparing the photo from mobile phone and the picture in the Database. Search the nearest station with the latitude and longitude from the GPS information


Step 2: System can pull out photos that are related to the precise location (i.e. Ticket machine) from database as follows: Photos of inside station (i.e. Ticket machine) are pre-stored in the database. Search the photos that are related to the Ticket machine and and words on the photos based on the graphic recognition technology. Combine the searched photos in sequence based on the instructions in the photos.

Step 3: System can generate a contextually instructional video for the user as follows The system selects virtual person from the database to complete the action buying tickets based on the instruction recognition of the photos that users

uploaded. The system integrates the acting virtual person into the above sequent photos that are searched from the database to become a real contextual video.


Prior art: Method and System for Instant Photo Upload with Contextual Data In the prior art, some contextual information such as location, time and whether is displayed when users post photos on social network. But it cannot generate contextual photos and videos that include the surroundin...