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System for optimal chart colors selection Disclosure Number: IPCOM000248661D
Publication Date: 2016-Dec-22
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For unexperienced users, choosing right design for presenting the information is difficult task, therefore there is a need for a tool that helps with it, even partially, e.g. to choose/propose right color scheme for charts.

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System for optimal chart colors selection

The tool would take some information concerning data and its desired presentation and as a result the user would get few proposition of the color scheme of the charts . The solution generates proposed schemes dynamically , i.e. they have predefined color sets, which are chosen based on simple color contrast . They also do not take into consideration the data that you want to present . The system will take several information as the input :

- background and neighborhood of desired chart , - type of presentation, - type of data, - range of data.

As the result, the system will output top three color palettes with data presentation examples that use these color schemes.

The algorithm perform some steps to determine the best palettes :

Get 3-5 base colors based on the background and neighborhood - e.g. ‘minimum 1. 4.5:1 contrast’ rule. For each base color, Generate secondary colors, to differentiate between series 2. and values - e.g. each series should have different hue. Set continuous or stepped color transition - e.g. real number data should have 3. gradient color palette. Approximate the color for each possible value in each series (adjust color 4. transition to values range: for example: negative values -> 0 -> positive values).


Reject some proposals based on rule set - e.g. "rose violet and lime green do not 5. match".

- - only generally describes how to choose colors to...