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Usage of blockchain to create ranking of software signatures and its vendors. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000248669D
Publication Date: 2016-Dec-23
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Usage of blockchain to create ranking of software signatures and its vendors.

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Usage of blockchain to create ranking of software signatures and its vendors .

Nowadays, the software catalog is the core and integral part of Software Asset Management (SAM) tools. The catalog is used to match signatures with products/components which allows for discovering software products on endpoints . The catalog is divided into a few parts , one of which is the custom catalog that is created and maintained by the customer (the customer can add/modify/delete software signatures). When the SAM tool is aggregating the data gathered from endpoints, it needs to go through the software catalog , find signatures and match them with the data collected from the endpoints . One product can have many signatures. Also, if we split a software product into the product /component/release tree, we can have lots of signatures which fit the examined criteria (more or less). The problem is that with time the software catalog can extend considerably which will impact the SAM tool performance. Also, if the number of signatures is big, it is hard to maintain the SAM environment - it can return a lot of hits (signatures match).

The other part of the catalog is maintained by the vendor , but it can also be maintained by a community. In that case it would be good to sanitize the catalog , remove inaccurate signatures as well as validate the vendors if the vendor has a lot of inaccurate signatures.

The core novelties in our idea include the usage of blockchain to : - create a signature ranking - sanitize the software catalog - maintain trusted/untrusted vendors

We are proposing to introduce a new method of signature ranking based on blockchain in order to sanitize the software catalog , rank signatures and maintain trusted/untrasted vendors. It will also improve the SAM tool performance, and will allow fine level of control which signatures are trusted . SAM tool can use a system of catalog signature exchange based on...