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Apparatus and method on intelligently selecting text through pressure sensing Disclosure Number: IPCOM000248683D
Publication Date: 2016-Dec-27
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Nowadays, most of people are rely on mobile device to deal with business, email, and paper work. Text selection on mobile device is difficult if font size is too small or content cross multiple lines. The key idea of this invention is to select text without moving finger. It can select text automatically by sensing finger pressure changes; the text selection range will also be adjusted with the change of pressure direction. When user touch and keep increasing pressure on screen till reaching to a certain threshold that defined before, an embodiment will start extending the text selection both left and right side. Of course, user does not need to move finger on screen. Also if the device detects that the pressure on left side is larger than pressure on initial point user first touched, an embodiment will continue extending the text selection on left side and stop the right side extension. The same thing happens vice versa. An embodiment should extend the text selection on right and stop left extension if we switch pressure point on right. Without doubt, there is no need to move finger on screen and user just need to change the direction of pressure. And user push up or push down to extend text cross lines, which means the extension unit is base on lines not words,which make extension more effectively when user want to select paragraph. At last, if user stops touching and finger leaves screen, an embodiment will stop text selection and user can make copy or some another actions for selected text.

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Apparatus and method on intelligently selecting text through pressure sensing

If expected select text is “division in 2000, he brought”,we can touch and pressure increased on word “2”, then the text selection will be extend to select expect text according your pressure. Also if Left/Right pressure increased near initial point, the text selection will be extended text sections in left/right side. Here the implementation for our idea:

Step1. Detected Pressure Level: User touched the screen and devices detected the touch pressure If pressure level large than the value that we defined for entrance Devices will start select text on screens

Please check above image for more details.

Step2. Extends Text Selection When detected touch pressure level > detected threshold at a touch sensitive surface of the device, device will show the action that extends text sections  both in left and right sides on screen While touch pressure point move left little without move out finger on screen, device will just extends left text selection and keep right text section  immobility. Also if all texts in left side selected, but touch pressure continuing, the text selection will move to end of above line and continue select the text which user  want Touch pressure point move right should be same as above left side.


Below is the situation for move LEFT for touch pressure point and keep touch on screen 


Also here is the situation for move RIGHT/UP/DOWN OR KEEP point



Step3. Stop Text...