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System and method of real time camera sharing on hot event Disclosure Number: IPCOM000248684D
Publication Date: 2016-Dec-27
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Currently , people use mobile phone’s camera to record the hot even which is happening around them . But only very few people could have good position to take nice picture or video , most of people could not take good picture because of unfavorable position view. This invention is trying to build system and method of real time camera sharing on hot event , every user around the hot event can get the best camera view by view real time camera sharing . The advantage of of this invention includes: –Transfer data  directly between devices ,no need to connect Internet –Don’t relay on third party service provider

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System and method of real time camera sharing on hot event

When user use mobile phone to take picture or video , every cameras broadcast it’s current position information .all the mobile phone around current hot produce a live camera topology around current position , every mobile phone could display such working camera topology . If user don't satisfy with his current view , he could switch to better view on that topology .

After user select one good view , it establish direct connection between two devices , the live camera view send to the requester in real time.

The sample scenario like the following figure:


Implementation details : 1. It is used in outside area where the GPS could work . The sample broadcast information format would be : LOGITUDE : LATITUDE : CONNECTION NAME


Other mobile phone leverage this information to generate the camera topology .

2. For security reason , every user want to share their camera view must configure the correct security level .