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A new searching method based on keyword chain and knowledge discovery Disclosure Number: IPCOM000248689D
Publication Date: 2016-Dec-27
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This idea tries to increase the low efficiency of current search engines. The solution is done by two improvements 1) Keyword-chain, putting search keywords in chain, which makes the search context aware 2) Knowledge discovery, which covers the knowledge points in width, not in depth, bringing in new knowledge.

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A new searching method based on keyword chain and knowledge discovery

Problem to solve:

§Traditional search engines use keyword without context, there is no relationship between two searches. To get precise result, user has to refine the keyword again and again. Such engines are good for mass data and good in performance, but not in professional areas, like medicine. §Traditional search engines are passive, if user has blind spot that cannot provide precise keywords, then he/she will not get the proper results, even get misled. §Traditional search engines get money by Ads or paid page rank, not the quality of results, this is not a healthy business model. Users, Ad owners and search engines will all be harmed eventually.

Core idea:

§Knowledge arrangement, create a knowledge base in tree structure or star structure §When searching, the previous keywords are the context of following search §Knowledge discovery is the key, the result will try to cover as many knowledge points (blind spots) as possible under the keyword chain domain


§Precise search: The result will be very precise through keyword chain §Fair search: The merchants cannot “buy” every keyword in the keyword chain, the results will be more fair §Abundant result: The engine will provide as extensive as possible result under the given keyword chain §Learn by searching: Bring in the knowledge by new keywords, narrow down the blind spots §Emphasize business value: The professional search engine is highly r...